Other lending

From time to time, we all find ourselves in the position of needing fast access to additional funding.

If you’re looking to make some additional borrowing in the near future, we may be able to help you use your St. James's Place and Rowan Dartington investments as security for a short-term loan. (Subject to eligibility)

Short-term loans are a popular way of gaining access to funds, which — as you know — you will only need for a small period of time. People normally consider taking out the option of short-term loan in the following circumstances:

  • Bridging a residential property purchase
  • One-off tax payments
  • A luxury purchase - such as a yacht or a classic car
  • Home improvements

Flexible lending facilities may be made available to private individuals, trusts and corporate clients.

St. James's Place and Rowan Dartington work with Metro Bank and Credit Suisse to make these lending facilities available to clients. Both services provide short-term liquidity facilities secured against investment portfolios.

If the value of the investment falls in relation to the agreed loan facility, the loan may need to be repaid in full. Metro Bank and Credit Suisse will take a charge over your investments and you will be unable to make any withdrawals from your charged investments without prior approval from the relevant bank. Rates and charges will apply. Please get in touch for full details.

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